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Robin Hood

27 July

Jenny Wren and her Merry Men take on the infamous Sherriff of Nottingham in this new open-air adaptation of Robin Hood.

Learn Tai Chi in a morning

29 July

Learn Tai Chi in a morning with this short introductory course for beginners.

The Big Batsford Bug Hunt

1 August to 31 August

Make the most of the summer weather by getting active in the Arboretum with the kids!

Moth Night at Batsford

3 August

Join Warwickshire moth expert Bob Cox and the BBC N Deavour moth group to discover more about our native moths.

Qigong for your Health & Wellbeing

12 August

Join tutor and author Neil Hall in the beautiful setting of Batsford to learn about the Chinese healing art of Qigong

Learn the art of the Samurai

17 September

A demonstration of Japanese Sword art, Mugai Ryu

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