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christmas trees

What's On



Visit Batsford for a wide range of quality fresh-cut Christmas trees!

Choose from:

Norway Spruce

90-150cm - £20

175-200cm - £30

250-300cm - £78 

300-350cm - £130

350-400cm - £175

(Measured from the base of the tree stump to the first whirl of branches)

Potted Picea Omorika

70-130cm - £35

(Measured from top of pot to top of tree)

Nordmann Fir (reduced needle drop)

120-150cm - £27

150-175cm - £37

175-200cm - £47

200-240cm - £68

275cm - £145 (luxury grade Nordmann)

300cm - £160 (luxury grade Nordmann)

(Nordmanns are measured from the base of the tree to the top of the tree)

Pot Grown Nordmanns

100-125cm - £39

(Measured from top of the pot to the top of the tree)

Fraser Fir

150-175cm - £38

175-200cm - £48

200-240cm - £66

Pot Grown Fraser Fir

100-125cm - £36

Christmas Wreaths & Decorations

We also have a large selection of beautifully handmade 12" or 24" wreaths, plus holly, mistletoe and unique decorations!

Pop in and see us or call 01386 700409 for more details or an update on stock levels. 


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